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Team Practices

Have one of our coaches out at your team Practice! This provides a great opportunity for goalies to have dedicated goalie time during practices. Team practices allow for the coach to work with your goalies, as well as, watch and provide feedback during team drills. I typically ask for a minimum of 20mins to work with the goalies alone. Depending on the practice plan, I can work with the goalies for the full practice, watch and provide feedback throughout team drills, or goalies can switch between drills and 1on1 goalie time through 3/4 ice drills. Please contact me for pricing or anymore info on how you can incorporate a goalie coach into your team practice!


  • Game Video Review

    • Goalie coach attends $200

    • Video is sent in $125

  • Tryout Evaluations

    • Attends and evaluates goalies during team tryouts​

    • $150 (1hr)


Please email with any interest in a team goalie coaching

Please email with:



Team practice day and time (if known):

Practice location (if known):

Number of Goalies:

Goalies' names and Birth Year:

Team Contact info:

Services required:

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